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Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers Manufacturer INDIA

Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers are often baffles directing flow through the shell side so the fluid does not take a short cut through the shell side leaving ineffective low flow volumes. Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers companies however do not use single pass heat exchangers because they can break easily in addition to being more expensive to build. Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers multiple heat exchangers can be used to simulate the counter current flow of a single large exchanger.

Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers are generally attached to the tube bundle rather than the shell in order that the bundle is still removable for maintenance.where a floating tube bundle where the tube plates are not welded to the outer shell is available. Can also be used on fixed tube sheet heat exchangers. Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers current heat exchangers are most efficient because they allow the highest log mean temperature difference between the hot and cold streams.