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Reactor Type Heat Exchangers Manufacturer INDIA

Reactor Type Heat Exchangers can offer several advantages over the conventional round-bottom flask. Secondly, the pressure can reduce the reaction volume, including the liquid phase, and in turn increase concentration and collision frequency, and accelerate a reaction.

Reactor Type Heat Exchangers increase in temperature can speed up the desired reaction, but also speed up the decomposition of reagents and starting materials. However, pressure can speed up the desired reaction and has no impact on decomposition. Reactor Type Heat Exchangers the desired reaction is accelerated, the competing reagent decompositions are minimized.

Reactor Type Heat Exchangers, it can conduct a reaction above the boiling point of a solvent. Based on the Arrhenius equation, the reaction rate can double for every 10 degree Celsius increase in temperature. Reactor Type Heat Exchangers enables faster reactions with cleaner reaction profiles. In other words, for every 10 degree Celsius increase, reaction time can be shortened in half.


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