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Flue Gas Air Pre Heater Manufacturer INDIA

Flue Gas Air Pre Heater is turned by an air driven motor and gearing, and is required to be started before starting the boiler and also to be kept in rotation for some time after the boiler is stopped, to avoid uneven expansion and contraction resulting in warping or cracking of the rotor. The station air is generally totally dry air is required for the instrumentation, so the air used to drive the rotor is injected with oil to lubricate the air motor.

Flue Gas Air Pre Heater of the deposits from the baskets steam jets are provided such that the blown out dust and ash are collected at the bottom ash hopper of the air preheater. This dust hopper is connected for emptying along with the main dust hoppers of the dust collectors.

Flue Gas Air Pre Heater is built up on the vertical shaft with radial supports and cages for holding the baskets in position. Radial and circumferential seal plates are also provided to avoid leakages of gases or air between the sectors or between the duct and the casing while in rotation.

Flue Gas Air Pre Heater are provided for viewing the preheater's internal operation under all operating conditions.

The Flue Gas Air Pre Heater are in the sector housings provided on the rotor and are renewable. The life of the baskets depend on the ash abrasiveness and corrosiveness of the boiler outlet gases.


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